On-Demand Webinar

How Ecosystem Management Platforms Are Changing The Game For Partnerships & Alliances

Constellation Research has partnered with WorkSpan to provide a deep dive into the emergence of Ecosystem Cloud.

Watch this immersive webinar with Nicole France, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research where we will provide insight into how an Ecosystem Management Platform like WorkSpan's provides a distinctive and unique approach to support joint go-to-market initiatives between multiple partners.

You'll learn through our research and analysis the key differentiators between Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems and Ecosystem Management Platforms.


Nicole France - Constellation

Nicole France

Vice President & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research


Amit-Sinha1Amit Sinha

Chief Customer Officer,


This webinar supports the Constellation Research Report: WorkSpan's Ecosystem Cloud Elevates Business Networks  

Constellation Research Report - Ecosystem Cloud July 2019