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Scale Up Your Partner Co-Selling with WorkSpan!


Joint Account Planning is Your Launchpad to Success

Effective Joint Account Planning is critical to making your quota this year.  But you and your partners still can’t just all get in a room and build your plans like the old days.


Partner leaders know they need a better way to plan with partners to tackle key accounts to win. Orchestrating joint account plans, pre-pipeline (referrals, leads, shared accounts) and pipeline with all your partners doesn’t have to be complex, manual, costly, or difficult to scale.


With the right tools, it can actually be easy and (dare we say) fun!


Learn how WorkSpan revolutionizes your joint account plan management to drive your co-selling to success. Find out how you can have:


  • Joint Business planning with goals: You can't manage what you can't measure. By digitally transforming how you and your partners sell together you create repeatability that can be measured and is the foundation for scale at a lower cost.
  • Collaborate like the old days, but Digitally:   Work with your partners in a shared, digital space to replicate the feeling of “being together in a room” to build and execute your joint account plans.
  • Automation and Exception Handling: Automatically and securely scale your co-sell business for you and your partners.  Spot problems when they happen to take action quickly.
  • Powerful Analytics: Understand in real time which partners are having the greatest impact and in what region, industry, products, and LOBs.



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