Why Partnering Leadership is Essential to Digital Transformation

A Five-Point Agenda for Creating a Collaborative Leadership System

Technology + strategic partnering are today’s business imperative. Go-to-market partnering is required for transformative innovation in all of today’s enterprises, with teams needing to collaborate internally and externally—at all levels and across all functions—with unprecedented speed, scale, and scope. But developing the systems, incentives, structures, and accountabilities that drive cross-company collaboration has been an afterthought, and focused only on sell-through motions with reseller channel partners.

How will you create, deploy, and integrate a leadership system for collaborative innovation from top-to-bottom and end-to-end, overcoming organizational boundaries, inertia, and old ways of leading?

Lorin Coles, Managing Director of Alliancesphere, joins us for a discussion on building a collaborative leadership system. Lorin will walk through the five-point agenda for creating your organization’s Collaborative Leadership System for a digital world.


Lorin Coles Lorin-Headshot
Managing Director, Alliancesphere





Chip Rodgers Chip_Rodgers
VP of Marketing & Alliances, WorkSpan