5 Key Dimensions Where Alliances Add Value To Your Business

The C-suite often asks this question of alliance leaders: “How do strategic alliances add value to the business?” The response is usually one-dimensional and focuses on revenue growth. While in reality, alliances actually provide value on 5 crucial dimensions that can be definitively measured and articulated to the business.

The 5 value indicators are:

  1. Grow revenue contribution

  2. Grow mindshare

  3. Drive Innovation

  4. Accelerate time-to-market

  5. Boost market expansion

Ray Wang, Founder & Principal Analyst from Constellation Research & Chip Rodgers, VP of Global Marketing & Alliances at WorkSpan discuss the 5 value indicators that demonstrably prove how alliances impact the business. This is a MUST know for every alliance leader!


ray-wangRay Wang
CEO, Constellation Research 



Chip Rodgers Chip_Rodgers
VP of Marketing & Alliances, WorkSpan