SUSE Achieves MDF Utilization with WorkSpan Joint Funds

SUSE achieves an 85 percent increase in Market Development Fund [MDF] utilization

MDF funds frequently go unused. Managing the disparate activities, priorities, and organizational hierarchies across the different partnerships took a toll on SUSE's MDF program.  

SUSE needed to trade their disjointed set of solutions and spreadsheet-oriented processes for a clear and tightly integrated picture of all of its alignments, processes, and operations.

Read this case study to learn how SUSE's MDF fund utilization rose 85 percent and the percentage of funds planned for the quarter exceeded 99 percent with Ecosystem Cloud. 

“There’s much less business friction because we’re easier to work with than we were when we were still running a highly manual and more ad hoc system. WorkSpan has become the go-to platform for all of our alliance teams.”
Bret Dayley, IHV Alliance MarketingLead and Program Manager for AllianceMarketing at SUSE