On-Demand Webinar

Ecosystem Cloud Summit - VIRTUAL

Hear from ecosystem leaders Mike Bruchey, Global VP Partner Solutions, Global Business Development and Ecosystem, SAP; Tom Roberts, Global VP Software Solutions, SAP and other top global technology companies.

The sessions of the On-Demand Ecosystem Cloud Virtual include:

  • Welcome to the Ecosystem Cloud Summit with Thack Brown, Chief Operating Officer for SAP NA
  • The Power of Ecosystems: Six Trends and Three Recommendations with Amit Sinha, Chief Customer Officer, WorkSpan
  • Best Practices Learned While Leading the World’s Largest GSI program with Michael Bruchey, Global Vice President Partner Solutions, Global Business Development & Ecosystem, SAP
  • Growing an ISV/OEM program to over $1 billion in sales with Tom Roberts, Global Vice President, Software Solutions Program, SAP
  • Building ecosystems as a Global Systems Integrator with David Wilson, Senior Vice President, Head, Infosys Partner Ecosystem

After checking out this replay of our most recent Ecosystem Cloud Summit event, we hope to see you at our next Virtual Ecosystem Cloud Summit in May, 2020!




Thack Brown
COO North America, SAP






Michael Bruchey
Global VP Partner Solutions, Global Business Development and Ecosystem, SAP




Tom Roberts
Global VP, Software Solutions Program, SAP





David A. Wilson
Senior VP, Head - Infosys Partner Ecosystem, Infosys





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