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Co-Selling With Partners Has Evolved, And How!


Streamlining Partner Co-Selling Effectively

A constant theme in these times of change is the growing call out from business leaders to expedite revenue from co-selling with Partners. With everything going remote, organizations like yours need to think about an automated co-selling that increases revenue and provides a detailed insight with real time data, and all this while maintaining high levels of resource utilization and productivity, all of which directly affect the bottom line.

That is where we step in. WorkSpan does what your CRM and PRM can’t. This Webinar illustrates how WorkSpan manages your co-sell while helping you and your partners to

  • Drive Effective Cross-Company Co-Sell Collaboration so that you, your partners and your stakeholders are all in sync about where you are, what’s next and who’s accountable
  • Run Co-Sell as a Data-Driven Business so that you are “QBR-ready” with real-time charts and dashboards with executive ready metrics and reports
  • Operate Co-Sell at Ecosystem Scale so you can reduce the risk of exposing sensitive sales information



Andrew Shriner

Director of Product Marketing,





Gautam Shiva

Senior Solutions Engineer,






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