Boost Market Expansion

Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem webinar series

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A principal focus of every alliance relationship is new customer acquisition in existing and new markets. 

Three best practice behaviors which ecosystem practitioners utilize; 

  • Set tangible goals
  • Collaborate with partners to market to new customers and markets
  • Co-create new solutions with partners to build capabilities and be more competitive

Join this webinar for a deep dive into these three ecosystem best practices. We will share real world examples and provide insight on how our listeners can experience this within their own organizations.


Webinar hosted by:

Mark Haubry

Mark Haubry

General Manager Ecosystem Value


chip rodgersChip Rodgers

VP, Marketing and Alliances



This webinar is part 3 in the webinar series: Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem -- introducing the five value indicators to empowering and enabling your ecosystem cloud journey.