The Definitive Best Practices Guide For Alliance & Ecosystem Professionals

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, strategic alliances and ecosystem of partners can be a company’s strongest weapon. 

Alliance professionals know they drive many major wins for the company. But because they’re not able to prove it, their efforts go unrecognized, and in turn partner organizations are low on the priority list when it comes to funding and resources.

60-75 percent of alliances fail in first year-Data Image-1

Read this ebook filled with best ideas from across the industry to help you and your teams get the recognition you deserve from all the hard work and contribution you make to the success of your company every day. Contents include:

  1. The new market landscape
  2. What’s the biggest missing piece in alliance management?

  3. The three guiding principles of effective Ecosystem Cloud

  4. Unveiling the top 10 best practices for alliances

  5. The ecosystem-powered enterprise