On-Demand Webinar

Apply Proven Models to Optimize Ecosystem Partner Selection and Maximize Customer Value

For your partner ecosystem strategy to be a success, you need to have the right strategies in place for partner selection, prioritization, positioning and investment decisions. These critical factors have broad implications on your ability to achieve partner big bets and deliver customer value. We will share several proven best practices, tools and models including:
  1. Driving strategic partner due diligence
  2. Conducting partner investment decision-making
  3. Linking partner portfolio decisions to company big bets
  4. Real-world case studies illustrating key learnings

When you apply some of these key principles, you’ll increase the opportunity to grow your ecosystem value and accelerate success for your joint customers.




Michael Thomas
President and Founder, Active Worldwide





Greg Fox
GM of Networking & Communications | Head of Alliances, WorkSpan