Accelerate Time to Market - Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem

In today’s hyper-competitive market, if you can reduce your time to market for new joint solutions, you can reap big rewards.

Register to view a panel discussion with Mark Haubry, General Manager Ecosystem Value, and Andrew Higashi, VP Sales at WorkSpan, on the best practices for accelerating your time to market. You will learn how to:

  1. Reduce decision cycle time on nominated opportunities, activities, and solutions.
    If you can push the information out to the field, get your partners on board, you will be able to accelerate your time to market.
  2. Reduce alignment time
    Companies often use outdated excel sheets to share information with their partners. What if your partners could log in regularly to see what is happening in real time and be proactive?
  3. Improve utilization of funds and resources
    Improve utilization of your MDF funds by proactively assigning funds based on real-time data & track – push – hold people accountable.
  4. De-risk opportunities and forecasts.
    By improving the speed of information from the field, you can keep track of the deal flow and eliminate the risk of missed opportunities.

This webinar is part 2 in the webinar series: Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem -- introducing the five value indicators to empowering and enabling your ecosystem cloud journey.