On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Joint Sales Velocity with WorkSpan CRM Integration


Going to market with partners requires a lot of coordination, and often a lot of patience. Partner managers rely on manual processes to curate sales opportunity data from their CRM systems. While at the same time, each partner company manages shared opportunities in separate spreadsheets, also reconciling everything by hand. As this practice repeats throughout your ecosystem, it not only negatively impacts revenue in the form of longer sales cycles, lower win rates, and more, but also increases the risk of unintentional exposure of sensitive information.

Collaborating with your partners on WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud with CRM integration makes going to market more efficient, effective, and secure.

By integrating your CRM systems with WorkSpan, you and your trusted partners collaborate on a single, shared view of joint sales opportunities, assured your confidential information is not shared outside your organization.

Enjoy the on-demand webinar by Nithya Lakshmanan, VP of Product at WorkSpan and Mike Maturo, Sales Engineer at WorkSpan to learn how:

  • Organizations are accelerating sales velocity through real-time visibility into joint pipeline across partners, regions, solutions, and industries.
  • Partner teams are accurately measuring, tracking, and forecasting joint pipeline and revenue.
  • Partner managers across companies are collaborating more effectively to maximize value for their customers and really make partner relationships shine!




    Nithya Lakshmanan
    VP of Product, WorkSpan





    Mike Maturo
    Sales Engineer, WorkSpan