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5 Ways to Win by Co-Innovating with Your Partners


Gang-tackle your competition in fast-moving markets

Co-innovating with partners lets you take on high-value market segments, get your solution to market faster, and grow revenue by meeting end-to-end customer needs. 

However, getting a single joint solution to market with partners can be complex. Each solution may involve multiple partners working together, each with many stakeholders to review ideas, architect, develop, package, certify, and launch.

You need to digitize this process to be able to move quickly, have flexible, repeatable processes, and scale to meet demand.

  • Manage Full Innovation Lifecycle: WorkSpan’s co-innovation platform helps you run end-to-end joint innovation with your partners from concept to approvals, budgeting, funding, packaging, launch and beyond
  • Package and Enable: We make it easy to coordinate internally and across partners to deliver materials for marketing, sales, legal, and support
  • Collaborate with Key Partners: We understand how keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge in partnerships. Our powerful co-innovate solution helps sync up teams and accelerate deal cycles
  • Report Dynamically: We make it our goal to provide you with powerful, on-demand visualizations of real-time data to track progress to plan and solution revenue impact from partnerships



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